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Poster Looking to the Future through Music Education

Big Bear Performance Keeping a focus on American indigenous music through education is the goal of The Open Sky Music Foundation, Inc. This 501c3, non-profit California Corporation conducts student workshops for all ages at various public schools.

Through donations and funding from the Richard K. Bates and Nancy Meyer Living Trust, the foundation develops strategy in conjunction with organizations such as Boosey & Hawkes, The Verve Music Group, and Arts Council of Big Bear Valley to present music in the classroom.

StudentsUtilizing the theme of "Heritage Music In The Mountains," the foundation established the Open Sky Music Festival on the shores of Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino mountains. Just 3 hours from the Los Angeles Basin, Big Bear Lake is the crystal blue centerpiece of this rustic mountain community. Jazz, blues and folk music is presented along the water's edge, with panoramic views of the lake and pine forests. Those who have taken the stage at the Open Sky Music Festival include Grammy winner Dave Alvin, Peter Case, Angela Strehli, Jimmy Thacker, the Anthony Wilson Trio, Bonne Musique Zydeco, Juke Logan & Doug MacLeod and East LA favorites The Delgado Brothers. For current news on Heritage Music in the Mountains visit Workshop

Past Sponsors:

Union Bank of California
Blue Whale Lakeside
Arts Council of Big Bear Valley

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